New and Reclaimed heart pines have similarities and differences. The price and appearance are the most difficult to sort out.

  • Our New Heart Pine is Consistent

    Reclaimed heart pine often has drastically different appearances depending on where or when it was purchased. The rich red heartwood that new heart pine is known for is sometimes absent in reclaimed lumber. New heart pine is also available at a fraction of the cost of reclaimed material and more importantly, you know what you are getting.

  • Quarter Sawn Pine Flooring

    We also offer a 4" vertical grain grade with little to no knots and rich heart accents scattered throughout. Preferred, select and cottage grades offered by others simply do not compare.

  • Valuing Distinction

    The overall value found in Littrell Lumber's heart pine flooring is unsurpassed by any other flooring producer. There simply is no other new heart pine material with the grain and color to compare. The November 2006 issue of Southern Living features one of our heart pine floors. After installing the Southern Living floor, the builder purchased the same material to use in his own home.